View and manage active templates
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    View and manage active templates

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      The 'Workflow > Document - Active' interface shows the workflow templates that are currently in effect for your company. Only these templates are available for selection by PMs of your company. You can view the step details of the templates and deactivate unwanted templates from this interface.

      View the active templates

      • Login to your company admin console
      • Click 'Workflow' on the top and  'Documents' > 'Active' on the left

      The interface shows the list of templates in the active state.

      • Use the filter at the top right to view only the templates for a particular kind, like Submittals and RFI.

      • Click the right arrow beside a template to expand its steps:

      • Type - The kind of the workflow item and the title of the template
      • Step - The sequence number of the step in the template
      • Action - The activity performed in the step
      • Responsible - The company role responsible for executing that action
      • Days in Step - The maximum permissible number of days for that step
      • Active Date - The date at which the template was added to the active templates list 
      • Created by - The account admin who added the template
      • Actions - Allows you to deactivate the template

      Deactivate a template

      • Open the active workflow templates list
      • Click the right arrow beside the template name to review the steps (optional) 
      • Click the trashcanbutton under the 'Actions' column to remove a template from the active templates list.

      • Click 'Confirm' in the confirmation dialog.

      The workflow template is moved to the 'Retired' templates list and not shown in the project management console for application to the new workflow items created. The existing workflow items under progress with the template are not affected by the removal.

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