Upload the budget
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    Upload the budget

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      • Open the project management console.
      • Click 'Budget' on the top.
      • Select 'Project Budget' from the options on the left
      • Click 'Create Project Control'

      • Click 'Browse' and navigate to the file you want to upload. 
        • Alternatively, drag and drop the file into the box

      The project budget is added as a draft.

      • Make necessary corrections as required.

      Cost Code

      If any of the cost codes in the excel sheet has an error, you can correct it by clicking on the respective cell directly. 

      • Click on the cost code if you want to change it

      The 'Company task Codes' pop-up shows the list of your company-level cost codes as a hierarchical tree structure of divisions and categories and the sub-levels of the cost items:

      • Select the correct cost code 
      Use the search box at the top to search for the cost code you want to select.

      Type of calculation

      The 'Type of calculation' column lets you set up how each line item's total budget amount is computed. By default, the value for this field is imported from the project budget Excel sheet you uploaded. But you can change the method if required.

      • Click in the field for the line item you want to change the method and choose from the drop-down.

        • Automatic - The total budget amount is automatically calculated for the line item from the values you entered in the 'labor,' 'equipment,' 'material,' 'subcontractor,' 'overhead,' 'others,' and 'profit' fields after you save the budget. 
        • Manual - Enter the total budget amount for the line item manually before saving the budget. This overrides the auto-calculated amount.

      Other fields

      • Edit the values directly in the other fields of the project budget, as required.
      • Click 'Save' at the top right to post the budget.

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