Manage your task code list
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    Manage your task code list

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      Your company-level task code list is a categorized list of work activities, and deliverables offered by your company on a construction project.

      Each task is assigned with a task code, which also doubles as the cost code. The task/cost codes are used in budgets, estimates, WBS structures, and schedules.

      Custom work packages:

      The task code list lets you add custom task packages, with each package defining a task item, the amount of work achieved in that task, and the labor required to achieve that deliverable. This is useful in creating estimates, which need similar tasks executed for different dimensions at different locations in a construction. 

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      The task codes interface

      • Log in to the company management console
      • Click ‘Task Codes’ on the left

      The list of task categories on your task code list is shown:

      • Click the right arrow beside a category code to view the list of tasks in that category:

      Column descriptions:

      • Code - The unique task code associated with the category/task. Entering the task code will auto-populate the task name and details/parameters in the WBS set up in the project management portal.
      • Task name - The label of the task, shortly describing it.
      • Task type - Whether the activity is fieldwork, office work, or an admin task.

      The following columns apply only to custom packages:

      • Manhours - The labor involved to get a specified amount of work done.
      • Quantity - The amount of work done.
      • Unit - The measurement unit by which the amount is measured. 

      You can add categories and task items to your task code list from a master list maintained by Linarc. 

      Add task items to your task code list

      Linarc maintains a master task code list in-line with the construction specification Institute (CSI) 50 division master format. The list contains the categories and tasks assigned with hierarchical codes. You can add categories and task items to your task code list by just selecting the items from the master list.

      • Open the 'Task Codes' interface 
      • Click the ‘+’ button on the top right

      The master list opens with all available categories:

      • Open a category to view its tasks
      • Select the tasks to be added 

      • Optional. Fill in the details if you want to associate the man-hours and quantity of work done if you want to add a task as a package: 
        • Task type – Whether the task is a field job, back-office job, or administrative job
        • Manhours – Labor required to complete the job to a specified amount or quantity
        • Quantity – Amount of work done with the specified labor
        • Units– The unit in which the amount of work covered is measured.
          • For example, if you want to create a task package for plastering 100 sq. ft wall, which requires 2 manhours, then enter the manhours as 2, quantity as 100, and unit as sq. ft. 
      You can add custom tasks to the category and import them into your catalog. See this page for more details.
      • Click ‘Add Selected.’

      The item is added to your task catalog.

      • Repeat the process to add more tasks.

      You can also add custom categories and tasks to the list and assign codes to them if any job types you undertake are not available in the list. See the following sections for more details:

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