View Notifications
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View Notifications

Linarc features in-app notifications and alerts on various activities in your projects. Examples include:

  • Assignment of tasks from the general contractor to subcontractors
  • The architect or the GC has uploaded plans and their revisions
  • Request for submittals to subcontractors
  • Assignment of submittals for review and approval
  • Creation and assignment of RFIs for review and response
  • Request for bids for change orders
  • Submission of bids by subcontractors
  • Progress update of tasks by subcontractors

Project managers of general contractors, subcontractors, and architects/engineers involved in the project can view these notifications from their project management console. 

  • Click the notifications icon at the top-right of the interface. The number on the icon shows how many unread notifications you have.

The notifications pane opens on the right with the list of alerts. The unread messages are shown with a gray background. Each row contains the subject, date, and time of the notification.  

  • Click on a notification to directly open the item like RFI, Submittal, Change Order, or Punch list related to it.

The time filter drop-down at the top allows you to filter the notifications. 

  • Unread - Shows only new messages awaiting your response
  • This Week - Shows all messages received during the current week
  • Earlier - Shows all messages received previous to this week.
The bell icon does not show notifications for the new messages in your conversations. The number of new messages awaiting your perusal is shown beside the icon at the top-right.

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