View declined bid requests
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View declined bid requests

Contractors can view the change order bid requests that they have rejected for a project from the invitation table. This helps them to identify the reasons for which they declined the work in the future.  

To view the declined change order bid requests

  • Open the project management portal.
  • Click 'Change Order' on the top
  • Click 'CO Invites' on the left
  • Move the toggle switch at the top left to 'Declined'

The 'Invitation Table' screen shows the list of change orders bid requests you rejected in the past:

The 'Decline Reason' shows why your company has rejected the request.

Search and Filter options
Use the Find, Filter, and table customization options on the right to search, filter, add/remove columns, etc. See Search, Filter, Column Customization, and Table Views for guidance on this.

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