View and download RFIs
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    View and download RFIs

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      The 'Closed RFI List' interface of the project management portal shows the list of completed RFIs in which you were a participant. You can download the RFI document as a PDF version, containing the complete details and questions and answers. 

      Digital Signatures

      If DocuSign integration is enabled, the RFI manager can obtain the digital signatures of the stakeholders involved in the RFI, as required.

      • The RFI manager invites the signatories to endorse the document once the RFI is closed. See Invite signatories to learn more. 
      • The invitees get notified, review and sign the document from the DocuSign portal.
      • Once all the invitees complete signing the document, the signed document will be available for download.

      To view and download RFI documents

      • Open the project's management portal.
      • Click 'RFI' on the top and choose 'Closed' from the left.

      The screen shows a list of all completed RFIs with their details:

      • S.No - The serial number assigned to the RFI. 
      • Type - The classification of the RFI based on its purpose. Whether the RFI is for clarification, confirmation, missing details in the specs/plans, etc. 
      • Title - The subject of the RFI. Click the title to open an RFI. 
      • Created On - The date and time at which the RFI was generated.
      • Completed On - The due date of the RFI per its workflow setup. 
      • Delay - The number of days past the due date of closing the RFI.
      • PDF - View/download the PDF version of an RFI. 
        • Click the icon to view the RFI. The PDF version opens in a new browser tab
        • Click the icon to download the PDF file

      Sorting options - Hover your mouse over a column header and click the arrow at the left of the label to sort the rows in the ascending/descending order of values in that column.  

      Search and Filter options - Use the Find, Filter, and table customization options on the right to search, filter, add/remove columns, etc. See Search, Filter, Column Customization, and Table Views for guidance on this.

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