The Plans Markup app interface
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    The Plans Markup app interface

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      The Plans Markup app allows project managers, site superintendents, supervisors, foremen, and other authorities access to the plan sheets of the construction project. Users can add personal markups and annotations on the plan drawings and share them with others as required.  The markups are also useful to attach to items that undergo clarification/approval workflows, like RFI, punch lists, etc.

      Once you login to the app, the 'Sheets' screen opens:

      • Choose the project from the drop-down at the top-left.

      The screen shows the thumbnails of the latest versions of all plan sheets added to the project.

      • Use the view buttons at the top right to switch between grid view and list view.

      Each thumbnail shows the sheet name, sheet number, and the last updated date.

      • Touch a thumbnail to view the plan and add markups

      The menu items at the bottom allow you to navigate to different screens:

      • Sheets - View the plan sheets and add markups as explained above
      • Account - View your profile details, update your profile picture, change the password, and more. 

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