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    Start a chat

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      You can use a chat to get clarifications, make announcements, get/give guidance specific to an RFI at any stage in its life cycle.

      • Open the RFI for which you want to add a conversation 
      • Click the icon at the top right of the RFI details page.

      The 'Collaboration' pane opens on the right with a group conversation chat specific to the RFI. The title of the RFI is set as the topic of the conversation. 

      The conversion is created.  All persons, including the project managers of all contractor and architect companies in the workflow of the RFI, are automatically and dynamically imported as participants in the conversation. If required, you can manually add more participants to the conversation.

      To view automatically added members

      • Click the icon to expand the conversation window

      • Click the icon on the top-right

      The current members of the conversation are shown:

      • Click at the top to return to the chat window

      To add more members

      • Click the icon at the top.

      The 'Select People' pop-up shows the list of:

      • All project managers from the other collaborating contractor/architect companies outside the RFI workflow
      • Foremen and other field staff belonging to your company

      • Select the people to add to the conversation
      • Click 'Add Members'

      The participants are added to the conversation.

      You can add more members to the conversation at any time by following the same procedure. 
      • Enter your first message at the textbox at the bottom
      • Use the options at the bottom to format your text
      • Click the image icon to attach image files from your local storage to the chat
      • Hit 'Enter' on your keyboard or click the blue arrowbutton to send your message.

      All selected participants will get notifications on their project management console portal. The 'Collaboration' menu on the left indicates the number of new messages waiting for their perusal and response. 

      Chat away! You can make any announcements, ask for or provide any clarifications, your instructions, opinions, advice, and so on and make everyone collaborate on the RFI.

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