Set up Geofence and Site Access
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    Set up Geofence and Site Access

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      The Site Access screen shows the site location on a map. Project managers can set up a geofence around the site and define the site access.  

      • The geofence defines the boundary within which your crew members should be during their working hours.
      • The digital timecard records accept the in-time and the other time card entries made by the crew members only if they are within the geofence.
      • If a worker is away from the geofence for more than a specified period, he/she will be clocked out. They have to resume the clock once they re-enter the geofence.
      • The site access defines the entry/egress points of the site for crew/equipment entry, material deliveries, etc. 
      • The plus code and the site coordinates are created for the site based on the site access location.

      To set up the geofence and the site access

      • Click the 'Site' tab on the top and choose 'Site Access' on the left

      The site is shown on the map with a default geofence and site access:

      • Click at the top right.

      You cannot change the site location once the project starts.

      Set up Geo-fence

      There are two options:

      • Click the 'Circle' or 'Rectangle' to create the geofence with standard shapes. The geofence is added with a standard size.
        • Use the handles at the edges of the geofence to resize it to the exact dimension needed.
      • Click the 'Shape' and draw a geofence of a custom shape around the site.

      Set up site access

      • Click the 'Access' button 
      • Click on the location where you want to set the site access
      • Drag the blue pin to the exact spot
      • Click the 'Save Site' button for your settings to take effect.

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