Reject an RFI
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    Reject an RFI

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      The general contractor has the authority to decide whether or not an RFI is to be forwarded to other collaborators for their clarification, depending on their context. For example, the GC can reject trivial RFIs, or those not requiring other team's intervention. If required, the GC PM may use the in-built collaboration to clarify the queries by themselves.

      • Only the team members with required permissions from the general contractor have the ability to reject the RFIs assigned to them.
      • The PM can decide whether to forward an RFI to the architect or reject based on their review.
      • The rejected RFIs are automatically closed and notified to the participants.
      Roles and Permissions:
      Only users with 'Reject' or 'Manage' permission can reject an RFI.

      To reject an RFI

      • Open and review an RFI as explained in the previous section 'Review an RFI.'

      Add comment to the question

      If the RFI does not deserve to be forwarded to the architect/engineer, you can add the reasons in the comments:

      • Click the comment icon on the left of the question and click the add comment button that appears below.

      • Click 'Save'.

      Your comment has been saved for the particular question, and the participants have been notified.

      • Click the 'Reject' button on the top right.

      The RFI is automatically closed. It moves to the 'Closed' column of the RFI interfaces of all  participants with the status 'Rejected.' 

      You can provide your clarifications through the comment feature before rejecting an RFI. Click the 'Comment icon' in the question or answer pane. Start typing your reason and save. The person responsible for the RFI can see the comments provided.

      The status of the RFI changes to 'Cancelled.' It moves to the 'Closed' column of the RFI interfaces of all  participants with the status 'Rejected.' All participants get a notification and can open the RFI from their project management console and download a PDF version for record purposes. See View and download RFIs for guidance on this.

      You can also use the in-built collaboration feature to discuss about the RFI. Click the button on the top right to start a chat session to respond to the queries. See Chat and collaborate on RFIs for more guidance.

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