Plans and Markups - iPad
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    Plans and Markups - iPad

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      The Plans Markup app provides project managers, site superintendents, supervisors, foremen, and other authorities access to the plan sheets of the construction project from anywhere.  

      In addition to reference, users can add personal markups and annotations on the plan drawings and share them with others as required.  The markups are used to highlight proposed alterations, specific actions, etc., on specific spots in the construction. They include text notes, photo attachments, and more, made on any desired portion of a plan. 

      The markups are also useful to illustrate items that undergo clarification/approval workflows, like RFI, punch lists, etc.

      Getting started

      How to view plan sheets and markups?

      How to add markups on a plan sheet?

      How to edit markups?

      How to save and publish markups?

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