The Task Code Interface
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    The Task Code Interface

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      Your company-level task code list is a categorized list of work activities and deliverables offered by your company on a construction project, with each item assigned a unique numeric or alphanumeric code.

      Each task is assigned a task code, which also doubles as the cost code. The task/cost codes are used in budgets, estimates, WBS elements, and schedules.

      • By default, Linarc allows you to add task codes from CSI MasterFormat, which serves as the industry standard.
      • You can also add task codes in custom formats, as followed by your company principles on the whole, or as an addition to CSI codes.
      • Codes have a multi-tiered hierarchy structure in a multi-segment format, with one segment for each hierarchy level. 

      Custom task packages and deliverables:

      The task code list lets you add custom task packages, with each package defining a task item, the amount of work achieved in that task, and the labor required to achieve that deliverable. For the same task, you can create different line items, with each item having different values for the quantity and effort hours.  

      This is useful in creating estimates, which need similar tasks executed for different dimensions at different locations in a construction.

      Use the following links to learn more:

      View Task Code List

      • Log in to the company management console
      • Click ‘Task Codes’ on the top

      Column descriptions:

      • Color code - Color assigned to the task. This enables you to group-sort tasks with easy identification.  
      • Task Code - The unique task code associated with the category/task.
      • Task name - The label of the task, shortly describing it.
      • Task type - Whether the activity is fieldwork, office work, or an admin task.
      • Quantity - The amount of work done. Applies only to packages.
      • Unit - The measurement unit of the work done/deliverable. Applies only to packages. 
      • Effort - The labor involved to get a specified amount of work done. Applies only to packages. 
      • Status- The current status of the task code, whether active or disabled
      • Remove- Option to remove that task code from your company task code list

      You can add and remove categories and task items to your task code list anytime. 

      • Click 'Add Row' at the bottom of the list to add new task codes anytime.

      You can perform the following functions in the task code interface:

      Remove task items from your task code list

      • Open the 'Task Codes' interface
      • Find the required task by typing the task name or task code in the search bar on the top.
      • Click the 'Remove' button.

      The task code is temporarily removed from your company task code list.

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