Import Task Codes from CSI MasterFormat
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    Import Task Codes from CSI MasterFormat

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      Linarc maintains a master task code list in line with the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) 50 division master format. The list contains the categories and tasks assigned with codes in a hierarchical tree structure. You can add categories and task items to your task code list by just selecting the items from the master list.

      To import task codes from CSI MasterFormat

      • Open the 'Task Code' screen
      • Click the ‘+Add from CSI codes’ button on the top right

      The master list opens with all available categories:

      Use the 'Search' box at the top to search for items using their names or codes.

      • Click the right arrow beside a category code to view the list of tasks in that category.
      • Select the tasks using the checkboxes on the left.

      • Click ‘Add Selected.’

      The items are included in your company task code list and are auto-added with color codes. You can change these color codes as required.

      • Repeat the process to add more task codes.
      • Click 'Add New row'  at the bottom to add custom task items manually.

      Change the color code of a task item

       You can reassign a color to a task code for easy identification of tasks and deliverables corresponding to that code. 

      • Click the color dot at the left in the row of the line item to open the color picker.

      There are two ways in which you can specify color code:

      1. Color picker

        • Drag the slider in the color spectrum bar to select the hue
        • Drag the circle in the color field to select the shade
        • Drag the slider in the opacity bar to set the color transparency level
        • The color coordinates of the chosen color is auto-populated in the text box at the bottom

      2. Color coordinates

        • Click the arrows at the bottom right repeatedly to switch between  HEX, RGBA, and HSLA input modes
        • Enter the HEX, RGBA, or HSLA value of the color you want to assign to the item

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