Get started with your account
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    Get started with your account

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      You can sign-up to Linarc, set up your account, and start managing your projects in a few steps. 

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      Activate your Linarc Account

      • Once you sign up with Linarc, our representative collects your company details.
      • Our representative creates your company account and assigns you as account admin for it.
      • You will receive an invitation mail with your username and account activation link. 

      An example email is shown below:

      • Click the ‘Request OTP’ link

      You will be taken to the email verification page:

      You will receive an email with an OTP to verify your email account.

      • Enter the OTP on the verification page.
      • Click 'Submit.'
      • You will be taken to the password reset page.

      • Type your preferred password.
        • Choose a password that could not be easily guessed and as a combination of upper and lower case letters, numerals, and special characters. 
      • Retype the password for confirmation.
      • Click 'Change password'

      You will receive a third email with your username. Note down your username.

      • Login to your account with your username and password.
      • You will be taken to your company management console.

      Add or Edit Company details

      • On your first login, your company admin console opens at the 'About Company' with your company details as you provided during sign-up. 
      • You can enter any missing details and edit existing details. 
      • Click the Pencil button on the top right to start editing or updating the details required. 

      See Edit your company details to know more.

      Create user roles

      • Creating user roles in Linarc helps you organize permissions governing access to consoles, modules, and mobile applications for your employees. 
      • You can create and manage roles and permissions related to role functions like company administration, payroll administration, project management, and field administration.
      • Assign roles to employees based on individual responsibilities and needs, with each role defining access to specific features within the Linarc Consoles. A single user can be assigned any number of roles. 
      • By default, the role assigned when adding an employee to your company is set as their primary role. You can assign more roles or remove roles or change the primary role at any time.

      See Create a New Role and Manage Permissions Assigned to a Role for guidance on managing roles and permissions.

      Invite employees

      • Adding your employees and workers to your company account in Linarc is essential in setting up your Linarc portal. 
      • Only the persons enrolled in your company account will be available for assignment to your projects. 
      • You can add all your employees and staff of various cadres, working both on-site and off-site. 
      • You can enroll your workers in two ways:
        • Manually add employees – Add employees one by one. This is useful for adding new employees and temporary workers.
        • Import employees from a spreadsheet file – Create an Excel file with a list of employees to be enrolled and upload it to the console.
      • Linarc sends invitation emails to all added employees and workers. 
      • The mail contains their username and an account activation link for the invited employees to activate their account
      • See Add a new employee and Add employees in batches for guidance on enrolling employees.

      Add Task Codes

      The company-level task code directory lets you add and manage the categorized list of tasks your company works on, with their task codes, in line with the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat. The task codes also double as cost codes when creating estimates and budgets for projects. You can add categories and task items to your task code list by just selecting the items from the master list

      You can also create custom task codes depending on your company's policy.

      Visit the following sections to manage Task codes

      Invite Partners/Vendors

      You can collaborate with vendors of different business types and add associates like general contractors, subcontractors, and consultants to your projects. You can invite subcontractors and vendors to associate with your company. Once they accept the invitation, you can request estimates, obtain bids, assign tasks to them, exchange RFIs, track their work progress, and more. You can Add associates and vendors both manually and in batches. 

      The company directory lets you maintain a list of contractors, architects, engineering companies, suppliers, and vendor companies you regularly do business with. You can invite these companies to take part in your projects or collaborate on their projects.  

      • You can invite your associates in two ways:
        • Manually add companies – Invite companies one by one.
        • Add companies in batches – Create an Excel file with a list of companies and upload it to the console.
      • Linarc sends invitation emails to all added companies. 
      • Once they accept the invitation, they are added to your company directory
      • See Add associates to your company directory for guidance. 


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