General Contractor Dashboard
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General Contractor Dashboard

The project dashboard shows real-time metrics from the site about the tasks in progress, crew and equipment deployment, weather, a look-ahead of upcoming checkpoints, milestones, subcontractor estimates, outstanding RFIs, punch lists, and more. The dynamic charts pictorially show the cost and schedule performance, variances, and their indices for a quick grasp of the project status in terms of cost and schedule. The statistics also show the snapshot of change orders and their impact on the budget and the schedule of the project.

To open a project dashboard

  • Open the project management console

The project dashboard opens by default.

  • Click 'Project' on the top, then choose 'Dashboard' on the left to return to the dashboard if you are on a different interface of the project management console.

An example is shown below:

The dashboard shows the following cards and charts:

Site Data

  • Shows the real-time data from the site on the crew and equipment deployments. 
  • Crew - The number of field crew like construction workers and helpers deployed on the site.
  • Equipment - The number of heavy machinery deployed on the site.

Upcoming Events

  • Shows a heads-up on the imminent checkpoint, milestone, estimated values of tasks in progress, and task count.  

  • Next Milestone and Next Checkpoint - The next forthcoming milestone and checkpoint as per the project schedule and the number of days remaining for them, respectively.
  • In Progress - Shows the estimated value and the number of currently running tasks on the site. 

Project Value

  • Shows the total project budget, the earned value, and the project progress percentage:

  • Project Total Value- The current total budget of the project.
  • Earned Value- The planned cost of the work completed so far, calculated as the Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (BCWP), from the total budget and the completion percentage
  • Project Progress- The percentage of the project completed


The card shows the planned total execution duration, planned labor, and the current progress percentage of the project:


  • Shows the current weather condition on the site:

Subcontractor Distribution

The donut chart shows the breakdown of the budget estimates of the subcontractors collaborating on the project.

  • Place your mouse on a sector in the chart to see the budget allocated to the respective subcontractor.

Tasks & Days

  • Shows a summary of tasks accomplished and pending:


  • Completed - Number of tasks finished
  • Unscheduled - Number of tasks in the project schedule that are yet to be assigned to the field
  • In-Progress - Number of tasks currently under execution
  • Scheduled - Number of tasks in the project schedule that are assigned to the foreman 


  • Actual - The sum of effort hours spent on all completed tasks 
  • Estimate - The sum of estimated effort hours of all completed tasks

RFI Outstanding

The pie chart shows the breakdown of outstanding RFIs:

  • Place your mouse on a sector to view the number of RFIs pending with the respective contractor.

Punchlist Outstanding

The pie chart shows the outstanding Punchlists.

  • Place your mouse on a sector to view the number of punchlist items pending with the respective contractor.

Change Order

  • Shows a summary of change orders and their impact: 

  • Approved- The number of approved change orders and their effect on the project budget and schedule.
  • Pending- The number of change orders waiting for approval and their prospective effect on the project budget and schedule.

Financial Performance

The card shows the performance of the project with respect to the quoted budget.

  • EAC - Estimate At Completion. The dynamically calculated forecast of the total project cost at its completion, excluding the profit. EAC is calculated as the sum of the actual cost of work performed (ACWP) and Estimate to Complete (ETC). 
  • ETC - Estimate to Complete.- The forecast of the amount required to complete the work remaining in the project. ETC is dynamically calculated using the ACWP and the actual progress values.
  • AC - Actual Cost of Work Performed - The aggregate of the amounts spent so far on the project. The value is calculated from the cost entries and expenditures input by the contractors and their invoices.  


The card shows the number of safety incidents reported on the project site and their effect on the project budget and project timeline.

Schedule Performance Index

  • Schedule Performance Index- Indicates how the project progresses with respect to the planned schedule. SPI is the ratio of BCWP and BCWS(Budgeted cost of Work Scheduled).

  • SPI is less than 1 - The project runs behind the schedule 
  • SPI is greater than 1 - The project runs ahead of the schedule 
  • SPI is equal to 1 - The project is on schedule

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