Crew TimeCard - iPhone
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    Crew TimeCard - iPhone

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      The TimeCard app helps crew members to record their onsite time and time spent on various tasks for each day. These data are used for calculating the wages to be paid at the end of each payroll cycle. It is essential for each field worker to clock their time spent on each task onsite accurately,  for timely approval and avoiding delays in getting their payments.  The app also allows the crew members to report safety incidents and accidents that occurred on the job site to the authorities at the office.

      Getting started

      How to view the location of my job site?

      How to punch in my in-time for the day?

      How to record time for tasks?

      How to record time for breaks?

      How to view and edit my time logs?

      How to clock out and resume?

      How to submit my time card?

      How to discuss with team members about tasks?

      How to share photos?

      How to report safety incidents?

      How to view my earnings?

      How to view my profile?

      Request time off and leaves

      How to change my profile picture?

      How to reset my password?

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