Edit crew timecards
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Edit crew timecards

The timecard approval authorities, viz. the site superintendents, foremen, etc., can view the details of the timecards recorded by the crewmembers and reconcile them as needed. This is useful in various scenarios like:

  • The crew member chose the wrong task when starting the clock
  • The crew member missed to resume the clock after a clock out, performed some tasks without the stopwatch running
  • The crew member clocked out for the day early but performed some tasks after that  

To view and edit timecards

  • Open the 'Task' app
  • Select the project from the top left
  • Tap the 'Crew' menu at the bottom tab bar
  • Open the 'TimeCard' screen by touching the 'TimeCard' tab or swiping the screen
  • Use the date picker at the top right to select the date for which you want to view the time cards

The list of crew timecards pending approval for that date is shown:

  • Tap a timecard to view its task details and edit

The screen allows you to:

Edit tasks

  • Tap the task name field in the log and choose the correct task name

  • Repeat the process for changing more tasks
  • Tap 'Confirm' to save your changes

Manually add Tasks

You can add tasks to the crew member's log of activities and mark their start/end times manually before approving the timecard. Example scenarios:

  • The crew member clocked out when moving out of the site and forgot to clock in immediately on their return. The crew might have been working on some tasks in the time between the clock out and resume operations. You can add them to the log from the review screen. See Add intermediate tasks.
  • The crew member clocked out before the end of the shift time but was involved in some tasks after clocking out. You can add them to the timecard. See Add tasks after final clock out.

Add intermediate tasks 

 A plus symbol appears beside the task time entries, for which the next clock-in time is after an interval. You can add tasks for the interval by clicking the plus symbol:

  • Tap the plus button under which you want to add tasks

A new entry is added, as a duplicate of the previous task, covering the interval time period. An example is shown below:

  • Tap the task name and choose the task you performed
  • Use the time fields to set the start and end time of the task
  • Tap the plus button beside the added task and repeat the process to add the next task. Note that you can add successive tasks till you cover the interval.

  • Tap the minus button to remove/correct any manually added task.
  • Tap 'Confirm'

Add tasks after final clock out

A plus symbol appears beside the last task clocked out before the shift end. Please note that you can manually add tasks only until the shift end time.

  • Add tasks executed after the clock out, as explained above.
  • Tap 'Confirm.'

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