Create and Manage Submittal Packages
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Create and Manage Submittal Packages

The submittal registry is a repository of all submittals presented by the subcontractors and vendors for the project. A construction project involves a large number of submittals presented by contractors of different trades. Submittal packages help the project managers to streamline the submittal processes and organize the submittals that belong to different work categories.

General contractors can add submittal packages to a project's submittal registry to classify, organize, and manage the submittals. Each submittal package is a container to hold several submittal items that belong to a particular category. In usual practice, GCs create submittal packages for different types of subcontractors depending on their trade, for example, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical, etc. This allows GCs to place all submittals from subcontractors of a particular trade in the respective package. For example, all submittals from electrical subcontractor(s) and vendor(s) in a project are accommodated in the package created for electrical submittals. But you can create packages as per your requirements and your organization's standard practices.

Once a package is created, you can add submittal entries for tasks and deliverables to it. You can also configure the requirements, due dates, workflow, etc., for the submittal entry, then route it to the responsible subcontractor/vendor. 

The submittal package interface

  • Open the management console of the project
  • Click 'Submittals' on the top
  • Choose 'Registry' from the options on the left

The 'Submittals Packages' screen opens:

The interface shows the list of submittal packages in the project's submittal registry with their details:

  • Spec Section - The section of the construction specification book that covers the category of tasks, deliverables, and/or materials for which the package accommodates the submittals.    
  • Package No. - The serial number of the package assigned depending on the spec section.
  • Created on - The date at which the package was created.
  • Title - The label of the submittal package
  • Description - A brief description of the submittal package.
  • Submittals- The number of submittals in each package classified by their status.
    • Overdue - Number of submittals that are awaiting a response from any of the parties in the workflow beyond their due dates
    • In Progress - The number of submittals that are under processing as per their workflow
    • Completed - The number of submittals that have been closed by the general contractor. This includes approved, rejected and those sent for revisions.

Search and Filter options - Use the Find, Filter, and table customization options on the right to search, filter, add/remove columns, etc. See Search, Filter, Column Customization, and Table Views for guidance on this.

Add a submittal package

  • Click  on the top right

The 'Create Submittal Package' pop-up appears:

  • Enter the details of the package to be created:
    • Title - A short label to identify the package.
    • Specification Section - The drop-down shows the sections in the construction specs. Choose the section that covers the category of tasks and deliverables for which the submittals are accommodated in this package.
    • Short Description - Enter a brief description of the package.
  • Click 'Done'

The package is added. The package opens to add your first submittal item into it:

  • Click '+ New Submittal' at the top right to create your first submittal entry inside the package

See Add and manage submittals for more details.

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