Create a project
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Create a project

A construction project can be constructing, renovating, or refurbishing a building, structure, or infrastructure. Regardless of the scale of the project, the Linarc platform lets contractors of different levels manage their projects from concept level to completion. The all-in-one communication and work-tracking platform enables project managers to communicate, monitor, guide, and track various construction activities on-site. They can create, manage and handle multiple items like schedules, RFIs, change orders, submittals, cost data, and more.

The preliminary step is to add the project to your Linarc account and enter the project details. Owners, project directors, project managers, and other designated authorities in a construction company can add their projects to the platform depending on their company structure. This article explains how to add a new project to the Linarc platform. 

  • Log in to the project management portal.
  • Click at the top right.

  • Enter the details as required:
    • Project name - A label to identify the project in the Linarc platform.
    • My Role - Whether you are the general contractor, a subcontractor, or Architect. The field is prepopulated depending on your account type. 
    • Project Type- Select the kind of project:
      • Stand-alone – Select this if you are an independent contractor of the project and working single-handed - for example, an individual job or a sub-project setup by a subcontractor as part of their operations. 
      • Integrated – The project is a collaborative work of a general contractor and many subcontractors. The GC takes responsibility for the project, invites subcontractors of different trades, and assigns tasks.
  • Location- The address of the construction site.
    • Start typing the address and choose from the suggestions.
  • Plus code - Auto populated. The system creates a code based on the longitude/latitude of the location. This code is helpful for receiving shipments from delivery/courier services that use plus codes instead of addresses.
  • Site access coordinates - The longitude and latitude of the site access point. This data is helpful for people to identify your location using Google maps.
  • Site Phone - The phone number of the key person responsible for the site, for example, the safety officer or the site superintendent.
  • Building type - The classification of the building based on its occupancy and use, whether it is residential, commercial, educational, etc.
  • Building subtype - The subclassification of the building depending on its occupancy and use.
  • Construction type - Nature of the work, whether the building is newly constructed, renovated, remodeled, etc.
  • Stage - The progress status of the project. Choose the stage from the dropdown. You can update this field periodically in line with the construction progress.
  • Site area - The total area of the construction site. Choose the units (sq. Ft or Sq. M) from the dropdown.
  • Project start date - Select the day on which the project work commenced or is planned to start.
  • Estimated end date - Select the planned completion date of the project.
  • Project manager - Choose the project manager to be assigned to the project. By default, you are allotted as the project manager since you are creating this project in Linarc. You can change the PM if required. Also, you can add more PMs at any time. See this page for guidance on this.
  • Project Picture - Upload an image file featuring the project.
  • Project Description - Add a short description of the project.
  • Click the 'Save' button at the top right to add the project to your account.

The next step is to set up a geofence and access point to the site. See Set up Geofence and Site Access for more guidance.

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