Close an RFI
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Close an RFI

In usual practice, the general contractor closes an answered RFI in the workflow. The general contractor is also allowed to assign the project manager from any collaborating company to close an RFI, by selecting the appropriate custom workflow and apply to it.

  • The RFI moves to the 'Complete' column of the RFI interface on their project management portals. 
  • The completed RFIs are also added to the list of closed RFIs, which can be accessed by clicking 'RFI' > 'Closed.' Project managers can view the RFI on their project management portal and download a PDF version of the RFI, which contains all details, questions and answers, and the workflow.
  • You can set up access permissions for the RFI to make it private or public.
    • Public - All participants can view and download the RFI.
    • Private - Only the persons involved in the RFI can view and download the RFI.

This article explains how the general contractor's project manager can review the answers from the design team and close an RFI.  

To close and publish an RFI

You will get a notification once the respondent completes the answers and forwards an RFI. Based on the workflow, the RFI is automatically assigned to you.

  • Click the notification to open the RFI.
  • Alternatively:  
    • Open the project's management portal.
    • Click 'RFI' on the top and choose 'Boards' from the left.
    • Open the answered RFI from the 'Assigned to Me' column.

  • Click the down arrow at the right of each question to expand the pane and review the answer.
  • Click the 'Close RFI'button on the top right.

The next step is to set up access permissions to the RFI. You can select whether the RFI can be made accessible to all project participant companies or only to the persons involved in it. 

  • Choose the access permission level
    • Yes - The RFI can be accessed by project managers from all contractor and architect companies collaborating on the project.
    • No - Only the project managers of companies involved in the RFI can view and download the RFI. (Default)
  • Click 'Close'

The status of the RFI changes to 'Completed.' The RFI is moved to the 'Closed' column in the RFI interface of the project management portals of all participants. The participants get a notification of the approval. The General contractor can request signatures from the participants through DocuSign for documentation. See Invite Signature recipient and Add Signature for guidance on this.

They can also open the RFI from their project management console to view the responses and download a PDF version for record purposes. See View and download RFIs for guidance on this.

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