Change your profile picture
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Change your profile picture

You can set up your profile picture using a saved image on your device or a photo taken from your device camera. The setting applies across your account and reflects on all apps and devices on which you log in to Linarc.

To set up or change your profile picture

  • Tap the  button at the bottom to open your account screen
  • Tap the 'My Profile' link
  • Tap the'plus' icon at the right of your profile picture
  • Choose the source to import the photo from:
    • Camera - Take a new photo using your device's camera.
    • Library - Browse to the picture you want to use from your device gallery.
  • Touch 'Rotate' repeatedly until the picture is rotated to the desired orientation 
  • Re-size the frame until the part of the picture you want to use is inside the edges
  • Touch 'Crop' at the bottom-right to apply your selection and set it as your profile picture

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