Change your password
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Change your password

Site superintendents, supervisors, and foremen can change their Linarc account password from the 'Plans Markup' app. Your password is universal to all your Linarc apps, hence if you change your password, you have to use the new password for logging in to other apps too.

You have to enter your phone number to receive a verification code for authentication. Ensure that you enter the correct phone number as in your company records. If you have changed your phone number recently, contact your company administrator to update your company records then reset your password.

To change your password

  • Tap the button at the bottom to open your account screen
  • Tap the 'Reset Password' link

You are taken to the 'Password Reset' screen:

  • Enter your mobile phone number (with the country code) to receive a verification code for authentication. The phone number should be the same as the one in your company records. The password reset will fail if the phone number you entered does not match your company records. 
  • Tap 'Generate Code'

You will receive a seven-digit verification code on your mobile via SMS.

  • Enter the code in the next screen:

  • Tap 'Verify'.

You are taken to the password reset screen:

  • Enter your new password and re-enter it for confirmation in the respective fields. Ensure that your password is not any of your previous passwords, and as a combination of upper and lower case characters, special characters, and numerals, The minimum length of the password is 8 characters.  
  • Tap 'Reset Password'

The password is changed. You have to re-login to the app with your new password.

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