Budget Performance Dashboard
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    Budget Performance Dashboard

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      The Budget Performance dashboard shows real-time metrics from the site about the number of tasks in progress and their monetary values, a look-ahead of upcoming checkpoints, milestones, project status, cost incurred, budget revisions, and more. The dynamic charts pictorially show the cost and schedule performance, variances, and their indices for a quick grasp of the project status in terms of cost and schedule. The statistics also show the change orders and their impact on the budget and project schedule.

      • This dashboard is only available for General Contractors and subcontractors who manage standalone projects. 
      • The parameters, metrics, and statistics are calculated using the consolidated project budget; the task progress from all the subcontractors, and all the change orders.

      To open the budget dashboard

      • Open the project management console
      • Click 'Budget' on the top
      • Select 'Budget Summary' from the options on the left.

      An example is shown below:

      The dashboard shows the following cards and charts:

      Project Value

      Shows the total project budget, the earned value, and the project progress percentage:

      • Project Total Value- The current total budget of the project
      • Earned Value- The planned cost of the work completed so far, calculated as the Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (BCWP) from the total budget and the completion percentage
      • Project Progress- The percentage of the project completed

      Upcoming Events

      Shows a heads-up on the days remaining for the imminent checkpoint and milestone.

      • Next Milestone and Next Checkpoint - The next forthcoming milestone and checkpoint per the project schedule and the number of days remaining for them, respectively.

      Tasks in Progress

      • Shows the number of tasks running currently on the site and their monetary value as per the estimate


      The cards at the top right show the total planned labor in manhours and the execution duration in days:

      Subcontractor Distribution

      The card shows a visual breakdown of project funds allocated to various subcontractors working on the project.

      • Place your mouse on a sector to view the cost allocated for different subcontractors.

      Tasks & Days

      • Shows a summary of tasks accomplished and pending:

      Change Order

      • Shows a summary of change orders and their impact: 

      • Approved- The number of approved change orders and their effect on the project budget and schedule.
      • Pending- The number of change orders waiting for approval and their prospective effect on the project budget and schedule.

      Project Performance:

      • Estimate At Completion (EAC) - It is the total cost of a project at completion based on its current performance. 
      • Estimate To Complete (ETC) - It is the projected cost or effort required to complete the remaining work in a project, based on the current status and performance 
      • Actual Cost (AC) - It is the actual expenses incurred during the execution of a project including expenditures related to labor, materials, equipment, overhead, and any other resources used in the project. 

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