Assign a task to a team member
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    Assign a task to a team member

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      The scheduler empowers you to designate segments of work or tasks for the team members within the organization. 

      • You can assign a task item to only one team member. Ensure the staff member you want to assign a task to has already been added to the project team. See Manage Project Team Members for more details. 
      • You can assign child-level tasks of the same parent to different team members.
      • The general contractor can also assign tasks to their own company for self-performed work on the project.
      • You cannot assign a team member to a task that has already been published.

      To assign a task to a team member

      • Navigate to the schedule page of the project
      • Ensure that you are in the Grid view
      • Ensure the 'Assignee' column is available. Else, right-click on the table header and select 'Assignee' from the left pane.

      • Identify the task that you want to assign to a team member.
      • Double-click on the assignee cell and choose the assignee from the options.

      The scheduled line item is assigned to the selected team member. You can edit the task, and reassign the task item to a different team member anytime before publishing it.

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